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If you have already graduated from college and are ready to enter the workforce as a software developer, this article will provide you with a good starting point to learn more about the exciting world of software engineering.  Below, we’ll tell you what software development companies in Latin America expect from junior developers.


A junior developer is a person who is beginning in the world of programming and because of his or her low experience level needs a good coach to guide, teach and help them to enhance their skills in the right direction. Among the skills they must have, the following stand out: responsibility, proactivity, ingenuity, a tendency to look for solutions and not problems and a big desire to learn.

As part of the Software Outsourcing industry, a junior developer will learn about the client, the scope of the application, the user stories and then, with the help of his coach, will prepare to develop and implement code, following programming principles and good practices. It is important that the developer understands and can communicate in English because most of the clients in software outsourcing companies in Latin America are from the United States or Canada.

In terms of technical skills, the key is that the junior developer has a good knowledge base such as: different programming paradigms, programming principles, and good practices, since the ultimate goal is to obtain quality software at both the functional and code levels. The developer particularly needs to develop teamwork, collaborating and exchanging knowledge, to contribute to and carry out the project.


"Being immersed in this exciting career means impacting the world, because the job of a developer is to help other professionals to digitize systems for their companies, factories, customers, among others. A developer creates products and makes a program work and be used by thousands of users," said one of AssureSoft's developers.

This profession allows us to optimize all kinds of technological systems, developing new solutions that transform the lifestyle of society, but, as incredible as it is, being a programmer also has its demands, such as facing the fear of making mistakes, making good estimates of time to meet the deadlines of a project, or designing solutions for the client. The key is to overcome fears in order to grow professionally.

The software developer's career is broad and begins as a junior developer (or software engineer I), as he puts his knowledge into practice, develops various skills and gains more experience to become a senior mid (or software engineer II). He acquires new knowledge of programming languages and architecture to become a senior software engineer. Subsequently, the developer can further broaden his profile to continue growing in his professional career, depending on what he likes to do, to perhaps become a software architect, a project manager or a technology specialist.

At AssureSoft we have a team of developers specialized in various technologies working on large projects for global companies. If you are a software developer, we would love to accompany you to take your first steps in this exciting adventure. Contact us through our social networks.